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A Wedding Ceremony at Merton Park

It was looking forward to the wedding of M & A. Their ceremony was taking place at Merton Register office (or Merton) followed by a reception at Metro Garden. I was very much looking forward to being the Metro Garden wedding photographer for their day. I had the opportunity to chat to them before the wedding, and they were looking forward to a relaxed day with their family and friends. They are a very happy couple and I knew that I would have a great day!

My wedding coverage started at a flat that they had rented for the bride and friends and family to get ready. It was a lovely morning, the sun was out and there were many people around when I arrived. It was a lovely pen space and the make up artist was busy at work with the bride and then with two bridesmaids. After everyone was ready, we all headed to Merton Park. We arrived fairly early, with plenty of time t capture images of guests arriving and being greeted by the groom. The ceremony took place outdoors, one of the options offered by the Merton Registry office. It was a little bit hot but the sun added to the experience. It was more than bearable and everyone seem to be enjoying being outdoors. The bride and bridesmaids made their entrance and the ceremony was beautiful. It was simple, relaxed and very much in the style that the bride and groom were looking for.

A route master ride to Metro Garden

After the first kiss, we took a few family photos in the grounds. A confetti run took place and then guests were invited onto a route master. Drinks were being handed out as guests were boarding. The bus journey added a lovely touch to the day as guests were bale to relax and not worry about driving. Guest had fun on the bus, enjoying drinks and chatting together. There is always a good vibe on route master rides and this one was no exception.

It was nice to see passers-by and store owners congratulate the bride and groom on arrival at Metro Garden, as they walked from the bus to the restaurant. The venue is nice and welcoming, with a nice garden at the back, as the name indicates. It is a bit of peace and quiet in what is a busy high street in London. The bride and groom had organised for a nice and relaxed afternoon for their guests with not too many things planned. The guests enjoyed their drinks and canapes before heading into the main area of the restaurant for the wedding breakfast. There were speeches in between courses too. I left at the end of the meal as the bride and groom had decided not to have a first dance. A duo band started playing music shortly before I left.

It was a lovely day and I certainly enjoyed documenting the wedding day of M & A. They are a lovely couple, friendly, caring and I was very well looked after by them and their guests. Below is a selection of my favourites images from their wedding day, I really hope that you like them! If you are looking for a Metro Garden wedding photographer (or any other venue for that matter), I would love to hear from you! Thanks so much for reading!

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bride leaving home groomsmen at ceremony bride arriving for ceremony guests waiting for the ceremony to start groom arriving at ceremony groom and guests groom looking on for bride to arrive bride walking down the aisle with mum bride and groom groom's family looking on the wedding ring the first kiss leaving the ceremony guests congratulating the groom groom carrying flowers confetti throw guests boarding the bus guests getting on bus route master guests route master guests route master guests kiss on the bus route master guests arriving at Metro Garden passers by greeting the happy couple drinks reception drinks reception bride and groom portraits bride and groom portraits bride and groom portraits groom showing wedding ring wedding speeches wedding speeches wedding speeches wedding speeches wedding speeches wedding speeches wedding speeches wedding speeches wedding speeches the wedding band