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Weddings at the Rosendale

London Wedding Photography

Weddings at the Rosendale are lovely. The Rosendale is a gorgeous pub in London, very popular with weddings. And this was the wedding venue chosen by Hayley and Nick to celebrate their wedding. Weddings at the Rosendale tend to be relaxed and fun with excellent food!

My coverage started a few minutes away at the Hotel where Hayley was staying, for a few getting ready shots, before heading to the Rosendale to capture a few shots of guests arriving and the groom waiting for his bride. The mood was relaxed and everyone was in good spirits, old friends happy to see each other. It is always great to see parents, meeting for the first time or seeing some of their children’s friends after a long while.  I just like those moments of pure happiness when people see each other again after a while.

The service was short yet lovely and then guests gathered in the bar area for drinks and canapés. We were lucky that the sun was out on one of the shortest day of the year and we manage to sneak in a couple of portraits outside before it got dark. It was then time for some short speeches before the meal got underway in the main room upstairs. Followed some coffee and cake before everyone returned for the first dance and dancing to a live band.

It was really a lovely wedding and Hayley and Nick are a gorgeous couple, incredibly friendly, relaxed and they couldn’t stop smiling all day which was great to see. Their friends and family were incredibly friendly and made me very welcome on the day.

Below are some of my favourite images of the day. I hope that you like them and if you can, I would love to hear from you in the comments section below. If you are looking for weddings at the Rosendale and considering it for your wedding day, I can certainly recommend  this beautiful venue. Please follow this link if you would like to see more of my London weddings.

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