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Hammersmith Town Hall Wedding Photographer – Teesi and Assavin

London Wedding Photography

There is always a certain anticipation before each wedding I undertake. As a wedding photographer, I look forward to finally meet the couple I have been in touch with and see how the day unfolds. There are always also unexpected events, changes to the schedule that make wedding photographers having to think on their feet and adjust as needed.

The day started and finished being very cold as you would expect on the first day of December. This wedding was about two different cultures getting together, Teesi coming from Estonia and Assavin from Indonesia. It was a very small wedding, both in terms of hours of coverage and number of guests but very enjoyable. The coverage started at the Hammersmith registry office, followed by a few images by the river before taking a ride in a Route Master across London. My coverage ended at the Star and Gartner in Putney.

Below are some of my favorite images from the day, I hope that you like them. if you are looking a Hammersmith Town Hall Wedding Photographer, please get in touch.

“Thank you soo much Alexis! All the pictures are brilliant and you have done a really good job, so happy that we chose you as our photographer for our wedding!! Teesi and Asavin 🙂
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