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Relaxed London wedding photographer

London Wedding Photography

Relaxed London wedding photographer

I have been known as a relaxed London wedding photographer for some time now. I love documenting weddings that are easy going and that flow nicely. Weddings where couples are interested in spending time with their family and friends. It is about capturing wedding in a relaxed and unobtrusive way.  I look at being discreet and engaging with people so they also feel relaxed when being photographed. This is the way that I have been working nor for many years. It means that both my couples and I enjoy the wedding day.

The wedding of S & T started at S’s home where she was getting ready with her friends and family. There was a lot of excitement. However, the most excited of them all seemed to be dad. A fan of buses, he was waiting for the red Routemaster that had been commissioned to take us all to the church and then from the church to Ruskin House. Everyone was excited about the bus, but it did add an extra sparkle to dad’s eye for sure! The journey to the church only took about 10 minutes and we got there bang on time. I had a few minutes to get acquainted with the church before the bride made her entrance with mum and dad. I found it beautiful that both mum and dad walked the bride down the aisle.

It was a busy ceremony with lots of guests and children. After the ceremony, guests were invited for cake and coffee in the church hall. This was the church were S had worshipped and spent a lot of time in her youth so it was very special to them to have some time there. After a bit it was time to move to the venue for the rest of the celebrations

A wedding at Ruskin House

I had not documented a wedding at Ruskin House before. The venue is situated in Croydon. It has a large garden that was used by all adult guests and enjoyed even more by the children. Plenty of spots to play and run around. The weather was lovely so people were enjoying canapés and drinks outside. There was a fete party ambiance, a very “chilled” afternoon. After a bit it was time for the second round of speeches (a couple of speeches took place during cake and coffee). The speeches were also done outside which was great and added to the informal and relaxed vibe of the day. After that, it was time to eat, barbecue style. It was a lovely meal and it was all very informal, guests choosing were to seat, whether indoors or outdoors.

After the meal, it was the n time for the evening dancing. The bride and groom had chosen a ceilidh. I think that ceilidhs are great (albeit energetic) as it gets people involved and it is different. I cover a few minutes of the ceilidh before heading home.

It was a lovely wedding. Everyone was very welcoming and I genuinely enjoyed document their wedding day. Below are some of my favourite images, I really hope that like them! If you are looking for a relaxed London wedding photographer (or any other location for that matter), I would love to hear from you. Please also feel free to leave me a comment at the end of this post, I would love to hear from you.

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Getting ready for the wedding Bride getting ready Dad getting ready ready to leave for the church groom waiting for bride bride walking down the aisle bride and groom listening music kids playing in the asile kids playing during signing of the register bride and groom leaving church bride and groom leaving church guests lining up for confetti guests lining up for confetti confetti throw guests outside cake time wedding speeches wedding speeches view of the church and route master leaving for the venue leaving for the venue leaving for the venue dad enjoying being on the bus driver seat kids playing at wedding kids playing at wedding kids playing at wedding guests reflected on window guests reflected on window groom playing with kids guests reflected on window kids eating chocolate wedding speeches wedding speeches wedding speeches wedding speeches wedding speeches children playing in a box first dance guests dancing

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