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Best London Wedding photography – A 2017 retrospective

London Wedding Photography

Best London Wedding photography

I enjoy looking back every year on my work. I want to enjoy what I produced but also take some lessons to improve for the following year.  Some photographers do a “Best of”. The images below are not necessarily the best images I took,  but they represent the direction I was working on in 2017. I am always learning and I attended a fantastic workshop in January 2017 in Texas. The Foundation workshop. It is a workshop aiming at improving your photo journalistic style. It also aims at making you understand the way that you shoot and how you you can improve. It is a photographic teaching session but also a life experience. I loved my time there and I learnt lots. I met fantastic people and made new friends. The teachings are not always implemented straight away, they take time to mature.

In 2017, I also worked with a mentor, Daniel Aguilar, who helped me implement and reflect on the teaching from Foundation. Being a photographer is such a lonely profession at times and having someone that provides you with advice, critique and encouragement can also help a lot. I have certainly enjoyed the sessions and they have helped me to slowly keep improving in some areas.

The images below are only a summary of these learnings. I have tried to included a bit of my street photography in my work, pushing the documentary side on my photography while providing some considered portraits to the bride and grooms that work with me.

2017 was a very busy year with around 45 weddings and the images below only represent a small fraction of what I did. I really hope that you enjoy the set below and I would  love to hear from you!



bride arriving at churchguests taking pictures
groom waiting for cab
getting ready
bridesmaid leaving the room
girl dancing on spot light
marshmallow bite
party animals
detials found
guests going down the stairs
bad weather
bride and groom
boutquet throw
the first dance
bride in car
bride arriving at church
guest looking at bride
bride going into car
bride partying
walking in the rain
arriving at the venue
pigeon release
bride stepiing out of car
bouquet throw
bride dancing
guests having fun
bridesmaid waiting
bride outside the church
guests having fun
bride steeping out of car
milni at gurdwara
bride getting ready
kids laughing
bridesmaid holding dress
ballons at sunset
guests playing
a portrait
bubbles confetti
bride at the church door
apeeches reactions
guests dancing
bride arriving at church
signing the register
confetti throw
door games
first dance
bride stepping out of car
first dance hugs
guests having a drink
speeches ractions
guests enjoying a drink
close up portrait
emotional hug
doggies high five
guests dancing
groom kissing grave
a portrait
29 Responses to “Best London Wedding photography – A 2017 retrospective”
  1. Great of images Alexis from a brilliant year. True craftsmanship!
    Have an Epic 2018 & looking forward to seeing more of your work!

  2. So many great storytelling moments Alexis! The rain outside the tipi, and the shot of the restaurant couple looking out at the newly married couple on the street, both stand out amongst an amazing collection.

  3. Fantastic collection Alexis – so many amazing moments that really tell fantastic stories! The one towards the end of the couple in the cemetery really gets me!

  4. Alexis Jaworski

    Thanks a lot Becky, this is very kid of you! That image that you reference, is perhaps one of the most meaningful one’s for me that I took last year.

  5. Such a great set. I still haven’t done mine. I know, I know! This is making me want to get my bum in gear though!

  6. Great natural documentary shots Alexis, some wonderful reactions in there. Love the older guy’s face in the marshmallow shot