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Banking Hall Wedding Photographer – a summery day

The wedding of Mayling and James promised to be a great day! The couple were lovely in our previous communications. They seemed relaxed and down to earth. They were getting married Central London at the heart of the financial district. I was very much looking forward to being the  Banking Hall wedding photographer for the day.

My day started a few yards away at a the Threadneedles  Hotel were the bride was getting ready. The bride was on her own with the make up artist for a while before mum and sister popped in. I then left for the venue where the groom was greeting guests. It was an early ceremony and guests had been invited for coffee and tea before the weddings ceremony started.

The ceremony was beautiful and was followed by a tour of London in 2 RouteMaster buses. This proved to be great as it was a glorious day in London. It was sunny and warm and guests enjoyed having a drink whilst admiring the sights in London.

A gorgeous afternoon in the Banking District

The rest of the day was spent at Banking Hall. A drinks reception followed the bus ride before the wedding breakfast was announced. The bride and groom entered to the sound of drums and Chinese  Lions dancing for them. It was quite the entrance! The display carried on for a few minutes and it was great to see the skill and energy used by the performers. A lovely meal ensued before the speeches. The speeches were beautiful and meaningful. One of the bridesmaids had arranged a surprise, providing a singer to accompany her speech to the delight of everyone but in particular of the bride and groom. It was quite the day for surprises!

After the speeches it was time for cocktail hour before the venue was converted into a space for the first dance. It was a truly lovely wedding day. Everyone was in great mood enjoying the day and all the surprises that popped up during the day. I really enjoyed working with such a caring and a lovely couple. I had fun with all the guests too, they were very friendly and enjoyed very minute of the day.

Below is a short selection on my favourite images from their wedding day, I really hope that you like them! If you are looking for a Banking Hall wedding photographer (or any 0ther venue for that matter) I would love to hear from you. Thank you for visiting my website and reading!


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Wedding Images (subset from slideshow)
the banking Hall logo Groom waiting for bride view of banking Hall bride arriving at the venue bride walking down the aisle bride and groom during ceremony the first kiss the signing of the register leaving the ceremony on the wedding bus mother of the bride bride greeting tourists bride greeting tourists guests having a drink on the bus bride leaving bus crossing the road to venue the drinks recpetion the lions dance the lioins wishing good luck the wedding speeches emotional grom the groom's speech parents of the groom laughing a silhouette at the royal stock exchange a portrait of the bride and groom the first dance guests dancing guests dancing the wedding band