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Engagement Photography Windsor – Lizzie and Frank

Berkshire Wedding Photography

Hi Alexis,
We absolutely love them, thank you so much again.

I generally don’t like surprises in life, I tend to plan ahead. However, it is nice not to “know”everything, in fact that is what makes life interesting. What will happen today and how will I deal with it? When meeting couples for the first time, I never know how the conversation will go and that is exciting!

I met Lizzie and Frank in Windsor. They are getting married next year and I am already looking forward to their wedding! They were a little bit nervous at the beginning by their own admission but we hit it off straight away and within a few minutes I could tell that the nerves had gone away and they were enjoying the shoot. It is nearly to impossible to make a pre-wedidng shoot look “documentary or reportage photography” however I can make it as relaxed as possible. And in fact, the way I work, it tends to be a nice walk and chat and we have a few photos taken in between!

Below are some of my favourite images from this shoot. I am sure that Lizzie will look stunning in her wedding dress ina  few momths time and that Frank look also very handsome on the day.  More importantly, I know that it will be a lovely day, full of laughter!

If you are  looking for engagement photography Windsor, please feel free to get in touch!

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