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Wasing Park Winter Wedding Photography

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Wasing Park Winter Wedding Photography

Wasing Park is a gorgeous wedding venue, whatever the wether or the season. I enjoy winter weddings as they have their own charm. Wasing Park also offers a variety of rooms and areas that make it a great wedding venue for cold or rainy days.  I had met C and C on a couple of occasions at my studio. We went over their plans for the wedding day and it was great to know them before the wedding.

Everything took place at Wasing Park which was great, there was no need to travel between venues. I started capturing a few photos of the boys. They were very relaxed and there was a good ambiance in the room. I then headed over to the bridal suite to capture a few photos of the bride and her bridesmaids getting ready. As per the boys, they were all in great spirits and having fun!
Because of daylight and timings on the day, I had suggested that we took some portraits of the bride and groom before the wedding ceremony. The plan was for the bride and groom to see each other anyway before the ceremony and this worked well for them. This meant that they would have more time in the afternoon to be with their guests with still some day light.

A ceremony in the Garden Room

Shortly after I took  a few portraits of the bride and groom, it was time for the main event of the day to take place in the Garden Room. The ceremony was simply yet beautiful and included two readings. It was also great to see the children of the bride and groom bring forward the wedding rings. After the “I do’s”, it was time to head outside for a confetti tunnel before heading back in for canapés and drinks. The weather was not too cold but there was a little bit of rain, which meant that guests were happy to stay indoors. It was great to see people having fun and catching up over a drink. We took some time also to capture a few family photographs before heading for the barn and the wedding breakfast.

The barn at Wasing Park, especially in winter looked great. The red bricks with the candle lights made it look really atmospheric and it is a great place for the evening reception. After a lovely three course meal, the speeches took place. They were all lovely and heartfelt and it was great to see the bride taking centre stage too, something I see more and more often.

Partying the night away

After the wedding speeches, guests were invited back to the garden room for coffees while the experiences staff at Wasing Park turned the room around for the dancing. In addition to the first dance, there was a lovely moment with a street dance group performing for the bride and groom. One of the dancers was the son of the bride and it was great to see him perform.

I really had a great time capturing the wedding of C & C, a really down to earth couple. They were so keen to make sure that their guests had a great time and they surely achieve that. Below are some of my favourite images from their wedding day, I really hope that you like them. If you are getting married and you are looking for Wasing Park Winter Wedding Photography (or any other venue or season for that matter), I would love to hear from you!

Wedding slideshow (sound up, more images)


Wedding photos (only a small selection from slideshow)

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