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Grand Station wedding photographer

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A Sikh Wedding at Grand Station in Wolverhampton

I was looking forward to being the Grand Station wedding photographer for the wedding of Raman and Dal. This was going to be my third wedding for the same family / group of friends. It was nice to document weddings with people I had met on previous occasions. I love Sikh weddings, there is always so much going on. They are long days but they are always so colourful, emotional and busy that I really enjoy them. I had met Raman and Dal for a pre-wedding shoot in Windsor a few weeks prior to the wedding. They were nice and friendly and I knew their wedding day would be fun.

I followed the bride in the morning ready while the lovely Marius Tudor joined me on the day and documented the groom getting ready (many of his shots on this set).  We then joined forces as we arrived at the Gurdwara for the Milni. I work mainly on my own but it is great to have someone else on the day. It adds to have different points of view. The ceremony at the Gurdwara was fairly short for a Sikh wedding and then the bride signed the legal paperwork before heading to the Grand Station. The venue had been beautifully decorated and was ready to receive the bride and groom and their guests. Raman and Dal were looking for mainly a documentary approach to their day and we spent minimal time on portraits and group photos. We aimed to spend most of the time capturing real moments.

A great party and emotional Doli

I love the party time at a Sikh wedding. It is perhaps my favourite time of the day and I love getting involved and in the middle of the action. Everyone was very friendly and we really enjoyed getting stuck in documenting the dancing. After the dancing, it is traditional for the groom to go the bride’s home. There are games at the door, before the groom is allowed to enter the house. Then follows a small ceremony before the bride leaves the House. This moment can be very emotional. It was no different in this instance. It is a very personal moment but that I enjoy capturing as it is very meaningful.

Below is a selection of my favourite images from their wedding day. I recommend watching the slideshow as it includes many more images and gives a good feel for their wedding day. The images below are a subset of the images from the slideshow. I hope that you like the images and I would love to hear your comments at the end of this post. If you are looking for a Grand Station wedding photographer (or for any other venue for that matter), I would love to hear from you. Thanks for visiting my site.

Below are a few images extracted from the slideshow (50%)
mirror reflection Groom looking out window
person coming down the steps groom ceremony at home bride in Car View of the gurwara groom in car guests at Gurdwara Groom hugging guests view of milni at gurdwara the priest groom during the milni groom at ceremony guests kneeling at altar prayers bride walking dwn the aisle ceremony view of bride and groom from the center the wedding ceremony walking round the altar the wedding ceremony walking round the altar the wedding ceremony walking round the altar the wedding ceremony walking round the altar the musicband hugs and kisses candid portrait f bride prayers congratulations after ceremony groom at venuw the wedding cake guests during drinks reception groom cheering with guests bride and groom portrait bride and groom portrait bride and groom entering the venue bride and groom entering the venue cutting the cake first dance party dancing party dancing party dancing party dancing party dancing party dancing party dancing party dancing party dancing party dancing party dancing door games Doli ceremony Doli ceremony Doli ceremony Doli ceremony Doli ceremony
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  1. Jas Birdi

    Hi Alexis,

    I love your images. I am interested in getting a quote for a Sikh wedding in May 2018. I would be looking at 2 days of photography. Day 1 Sat 26th – 4 hours for pre wedding
    Day 2 Sun 27th – full day. Photography for both bride and groom.

    I would be grateful if you could provide me with a quote.




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