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Pre-wedding photography in London – Jag & Dat

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I had the pleasure to meet Jag & Dat earlier on this year to discuss plans for their wedding that will take place later this year in Leeds. Jag and Dat are a lovely couple, down to earth and looking for natural and beautiful photography to remember the day by. Jag and Dat were also keen to have a pre-wedding shoot in London and we met near London Bridge at Hays Gallery.

It was a lovely afternoon, the sun was out and we took a stroll around the area, stoppping every now and then to take some portraits. It really felt like going for a walk, having a nice chat and enjoying the sunshine in a  glorious afternoon!

I really enjoy portrait sessions. My aim is to keep them as natural as possible but especially for a pre-wedding shoot, where there is less context than on the wedding day itself, I feel that it is necessary to pose the couple a bit more. I still aim to keep the poses as natural as possible. The Shard is Dat’s favourite building so I try to include it as much as possible in the shots.

Below are some of my favourites images. We were all very relaxed and enjoying each others company and I think that it shows in the images. I hope that you like these images and if you are looking for pre-wedding photography in London (or any other surrounding counties) please get in touch.

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