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Sikh Wedding Photographer Coventry – Prit and Jas

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I really enjoy documenting Sikh weddings and it was not an exception with Jas and Prit’s wedding. I like everything that has to do with the emotions on the day, the ceremonies that happen on the day itself but also during pre-wedding parties and yes, I am a fan of Bhangra music and enjoy the dancing that tends to be a key part of Sikh weddings.

Jas and Prit’s wedding had it all. Two simultaneous pre-wedding parties in Telford and Coventry and then a grand wedding the following day in Coventry. The ceremony was held at the Ramgarhia Gurdwara in Coventry. The civil ceremony was held in the Gurdwara itself which was a first for me, some images below. The reception was held at the Allesley Hotel (also in Coventry) in the impressive Grosvenor suite. Party and dancing was at the order of the day, including stage diving which was capably done by some of the guests and the groom himself.

I really enjoyed being part of Jas and Prit’s day and below are some of my favourites for the day.

Jas’ pre-wedding  party and groom preparations were captured by Alex Wilson and he then joined me for the rest of the day providing great coverage and adding a different point of view to the event! We were delighted to also work alongside Kamology (DJs) and Will Knights (videographers). If you are looking for Sikh Wedding Photographer, please get in touch!

“Great work Alexis, we were very happy with your professional approach across the two days and the final results”

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