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Teepee Wedding Photographer in Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire Wedding Photography

Teepee Wedding Photographer in Buckinghamshire

I love the variety that weddings bring! There always different people, different venues, different themes and concepts! Charlie and Alex’s wedding was very much a village affair! Everything was within walking distance. It was a couple of minutes from the bride’s parents home to the church and  then the same distance back to the Village Hall. The reception actually took place in the field behind the Village hall. A massive and beautiful Teepee (or Tipi) had been erected. It was beautifully decorated. The weather was a bit temperamental on the day! Some nice sunshine as the bride walked to the church and lots of rain on the way back! Nevertheless, the spirits were high and nobody seemed to mind it!

I started the day at the church documenting the arrival of guests before heading to catch the bride and her family as they walked to the church. It was a really jovial atmosphere. Everyone was friendly, the bridesmaids were fun and full of energy and there was a great vibe. The ceremony was in beautiful rural church with a lovely vicar. He was friendly and amenable to photography which is always a bonus. A splendid choir sang and especially a beautiful song (cannot remember the name) as the bride walked down the aisle. After the I Do’s, the first kiss and the signing of the register it was time to talk to the reception.  By this time, it was raining quite consistently. However everyone enjoyed the short walk and arriving to the Teepee!

A gorgeous afternoon with Mariachis, speeches and dancing!

At the Teepee were waiting drinks, canapés and a Mariachi band! The Teepee was great fun and guests were having fun with everything that was going on! Luckily the rain eased off for a bit and guests were able to go outside for a bit. We also used this break in the weather to capture a few family photos and portraits before  the wedding breakfast. The meal was lovely and it was followed by speeches. They were heartfelt and funny. The first dance followed shortly after.

I really enjoy it when I stay to capture the evening shenanigans. There was lots of dancing, marshmallow eating and generally people having fun! I was incredibly well looked after by Charlie and Alex and all their guests. It was true pleasure to be there and document their wedding day. Below are some of my favourite images from their wedding, I really hope that you look through them and enjoy them. The slideshow to music is a bit more dynamic and the best way to view them. If you are getting married and looking for a Teepee wedding photographer in Buckinghamshire (or any other region for that matter), I would love to hear from you. Thanks for reading and visiting my website!

Please check the slideshow above first as it includes a few more images.

groomsmen waiting
the grom
Bride walking to the church
bride walking to the church
Choir singing
bride walking down the aisle
Choir singing
bride smiling during the ceremony
detail shot of back of bride
The wedding rings
the first kiss
guests sining
signing the register
kids by the front door of church
children at back of church
leaving the church
playing with flower girl
mum and dad
walking in the rain
Guests arriving at wedding
bride and groom arriving at teepee
best men having fun
guests arriving in the rain
glass f champagne being offered
the mariachi band
bride singing with band
outdoor games
mariachi playing outside
father playing with vhild
throwing bouquets in the air
guests chatting
moody portrait of bride and groom
view of the teepee
creative portrait of bride and grom
the teepee at night
the wedding speeches
the wedding speeches
the wedding speeches
the wedding speeches
the wedding speeches
the wedding speeches
the wedding speeches
the wedding speeches
The bridesmen singing
the first dance
bride and groom kissing on dance floor
Guests dancing
Guests dancing
Guests dancing
Guests dancing
Guests dancing
Confettis on dancefloor
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  1. Jacqueline Doherty


    Could you tell where the Buckinghamshire Tipi wedding took place. It looks like the tipi is in the grounds of a village hall behind the church but I don’t recognise the village?



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