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Documentary family photography in Berkshire


There is nothing better,in my opinion, than real life! And capturing real life is the way I enjoy working when I am using my cameras. I enjoy capturing weddings in a candid fashion, I enjoy documenting cities I travel to in a documentary street photography style. When it comes to family photography, I love  capturing those real moments that are unposed. There is something about capturing what we  do at a certain time. With its beauty and sometimes its imperfections. This kind of photography allow us in the future to remember how we were. What we used to wear. Or what we used to do. The way we behaved with each other. Those subtle interactions between our family members.

Spending a day documenting your life

I enjoy spending a day (preferably) from wake up time to bed time being around you and your family. Documenting the normal stories of daily life. I recently did such a shoot with a family of four. It was great to get to know everyone better. For me it is about observing and trying to create nice images out of mundane events. Those images will be more important as your children grow up. In no time, we will forget what things used to be like. That our children used to wear goggles inside the house, on enjoyed jumping up and down the sofas. The stories that we used to tell them and how we would read to them at bedtime.

Candid and unposed family photography

This family was great to photograph. They were welcoming and very friendly on the day. I will always join in and talk to people on the day, it is simply that I will not ask for the family to look at the camera or pose for me.  Soon enough the families get used to me being around and often forget completely about me being there.

Here are only a few selected images from this shoot, I really hope that you enjoy it! If you are looking for a family photographer in Berkshire, working in  a documentary style, I would love to hear from you!

children hisingChild playing in loungechildren talkingStaircasemum and daughter smiling, Boy cryinggirl playing in gardenchildren playing in gardenchildren watching TVDad fighting with catchildren cuddling togetherchildren jumpingmum throwing hat at childbed time with bymum reading story to daughter