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Destination Wedding Photographer – Costa del Sol – Spain – Emily and Gavin

Destination Wedding Photography

I had been looking forward to Emily and Gavin’s wedding day for a while. I met Emily when doing a portfolio shoot for her dance portfolio (click link to see blog post). We produced some great images and got on well. I was very pleased and excited when a few months later they contacted me to ask me to be their wedding photographer for their wedding in Spain! We met in September last year for their engagement shoot and finally the week of their wedding arrived and flew to sent to document this special day!

A wedding in Spain is just an amazing experience for a destination wedding photographer. Close family and friends had made it to the Torres de San Juan when I arrived and many had bridged the wedding with a short holiday. Everyone was in a festive mood and excited to be there. The colours were stunning and the weather was hot as you would expect in Spain in July! My coverage started in town at the hairdressers, followed by groom and bride preparations. The ceremony took place in the Torres de San Juan, a stunning location overlooking the sea and perfect for reportage wedding photography. The attention to detail is obvious to see in the images and everybody enjoyed the drinks and canapés to the sound of Spanish classical guitar before heading down to the restaurant for the breakfast dinner. Speeches were moving, sincere and full of fun moments as well as moments for reflection. The evening ended in the night club were by the time I left the party was well underway.

The next day, we had organized a portrait shoot in Frigiliana and Nerja, by the sea. We then joined a party that had been organized that included games and a barbecue. Thank you to Emily and Gavin’s friends and family for making me feel so welcome.

Below are some of my favorite images from the day. If you like the images, please feel free to leave me a comment below.

If you attended the wedding day, please expect to receive in the next few days from Emily and Gavin instructions in how to access the full gallery. If you are looking for a destination wedding photographer, I would love to hear from you!

Update: here is the lovely testimonial received from Emily:

I have worked with Alexis Jaworski on various projects including my personal professional portfolio & also fashion photography. With his friendly nature & high standard of work Alexis was my first choice photographer when I became engaged last Christmas.

Alexis worked with us both, discussing ideas prior to the wedding to perfectly capture our special day. We were truly amazed with the results, he captured every moment & every smile, we did not even realise he was taking photos at times & that is when he captured some absolutely beautiful shots.

I would definitely recommend using Alexis Jaworski for your special day, he is very friendly & extremely professional. Thanks to Alexis we can look back at our fantastic wedding day images and keep smiling forever!

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