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Street Photography

Street Photography around the World


I love photography and I really enjoy wedding photography. However, I also like photography outside of weddings. Street photography is about capturing candid moments of day to day life. Capturing images that tell a story about a place or about our times. Hopefully, these images will become even more important in years to come, when our landscape would have changed. I am lucky to be able to travel from time to time and explore new places and capture some images with my camera. So far, I have visited London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Istanbul, New York and Essaouira with my camera and I am hoping to visit even more places in the near future.

For me, street photography is about observing and trying to create interesting images of what happens around me. It allows me to experiment and try different techniques. I include some street photography elements in my wedding work.

I am happy to provide some street photography training so please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss further.

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