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Our pets are part of our families and they receive as much love as they give. They always seem to know how we feel and they react to our moments of joy or sadness. They are our best companions and seem to know how we feel, sometimes even more than other humans that are close to us.

What would your pet say to you? How do they celebrate with you? What makes them so unique that you just love being with them? What is their personality like? What are those things that they do, that always brings a smile to your face?  How would you love to remember the, by and how would it feel to have photos that truly represent who they are on your walls?

As a pet photographer in Berkshire, I really enjoy getting to know you and your pet and understand that unique bond that you have. We create images that will remind forever of this, you will have a cinematic presentation straight after the shoot and we can design together wall art that will complement your home.



Below are some of my recent pet shoots in Berkshire. Have a look!

Cavalier Spaniel
Pet Photography Berkshire A photo of a Jack Russel TerrierFrench Bulldog portrait



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