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Giving birth and bringing a baby to life is one of the most selfless acts and amazing things than a mother can do. It is the epitome of the love between two people. It is a true statement of your love and commitment to one another.  What surprises will lay ahead and will it be a boy or a girl? What will the baby look like and what will it be like having your first baby? How much joy will baby bring to their brothers and sisters? So many questions float in your head during this magical period that it is worth celebrating!

Your photographs of this time will be timeless memories of this new journey of motherhood that you are embarking on. Imagine sharing these images with your child as he grows up and sees how much she meant to you, even before she was born.

Capturing also their first few moments as a baby is an amazing story in itself. It is a cliché to say that times go very quickly but it really does. The first few weeks for a new-born baby are unique. Not only we slowly discover their bodies, we start discovering their personalities too. Holding these memories of their first few days  is an amazing gift for your family for years to come.

We pride ourselves in capturing unique memories of your baby by fully understanding what the means to you as a mother and father but also as a couple.  How this baby elevates your relationship to a new place bringing you even closer now that you are a family unit. These photographs displayed as wall art in your homes remind you every day of how meaningful and magical your relationship is.



Below are some of my recent maternity and newborn shoots in Berkshire. Have a look!

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Give your partner the perfect treat with an unforgettable experience together - discover what makes your relationship special. What are those things about him that you love and that you are the only one to see? What it is it about her, those little things that she does, that makes you smile every time? 

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