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Engagement Photography Portfolio

What’s behind the images?

Some couples like having an engagement shoot or pre-wedding shoot. In some cases, it is to have images to use for their decorations for the wedding day. In some other instances, it is to get to know each other and having a feeling for being photographed. I really enjoy doing pre-weddings shoots although I do not think that it is necessary before the wedding day. The experience is different. During the wedding day, there are all the emotions and the context of the day that help capture your images.

During an engagement shoot, everything is posed (albeit I strive to make it as softly and natural) so it is not a real reflection of how things will happen on the day. Having said that, creatively, it is great for me as a photographer to spend a couple of hours with a couple capturing lovely images. It is difficult to choose only a few images from hundreds but I have chosen the one’s below for my portfolio as they are the images I like to capture.

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