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Lamb Tavern wedding photographer

London Wedding Photography

A gorgeous day photographing a wedding in London

I started documenting the wedding of Eleanor and John at Islington Town Hall. I have worked there before on a few occasions. It is a lovely and historic registry in London. I started coverage just before the wedding ceremony. It was a busy Saturday in July and there were people getting married before and after Eleanor and John. Eleanor looked stunning in a gold dress. The ceremony was short but sweet and the guests then were taken to the heart of London for the wedding reception. I was very much looking forward to be the Lamb Tavern wedding photographer for that day. The Lamb Tavern is based at Leadenhall Market, another historic place in London. It looks beautiful with its red and gold colours. We took a double decker bus to get there. Sadly, the bus missed a turning and we ended walking half a mile in the rain. I enjoyed this as it allowed me to capture some nice images. But it was not ideal I am sure for the bride and groom and guests. As we got there, everything was ready with drinks, canap├ęs and a live band playing. The venue is under a glass roof, on a cobblestone road. It was great to have everyone outside despite a variable weather on the day.


Lamb tavern is great for wedding photography

The setup at the Lamb tavern is great. It offers a variety of areas, including the outdoors side, the bar and the eating area upstairs. Eleanor and John wanted a really relaxed feel for their wedding day with very few traditional elements. Cutting the cake and first dance did not take place, favouring just a casual pace for the day. I joined the guests for their wedding breakfast. It was lovely to get to chat with some of the family members and get to know them a bit. After the meal took place some short speeches, before heading back down stairs for some more free time. I took the opportunity to take the bride and groom for a few portraits before ending the coverage for the day.

Below are some of my favourite images from their wedding day, I really hope that you like them. It was a really happy occasion and I was happy to be part of it. I felt very welcome and I enjoyed the informal vibe for the day. If you are looking for a Lamb tavern wedding photographer (or any other venue for that matter), I would love to hear from you! Thanks for reading and visiting my site!

4 Responses to “Lamb Tavern wedding photographer”
  1. C Cornfield

    You have captured the day perfectly. The photographs are a great visual reminder of a very special day. Thank you.

  2. Robert Cleary

    The photos are great. Some are absolutely amazing, well lost for words.
    The wedding ceremony venue gave a great backdrop to a beautiful couple and you captured that moment forever. Well done.