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It is always a difficult job to narrow down images from hundreds of weddings to a very few. A wedding portfolio gives you an idea of the images that I like to take and that you could expect from your wedding day.  I chose below 40 images to illustrate my style. The order could have been totally different, I like them all for different reasons.  I made a few notes below to share my thought process at the moment of taking the image and why I like these images. Enjoy and please contact me directly to discuss your wedding photography requirements.

wedding photographer in Berkshire-1

“The throw of the bouquet is a tradition that some couples decide to follow. From a photographer’s perspective, I have fun capturing this moment even though I do not set it up or request that it happens. I love the joy and energy in the image above as well as the expressions.”
wedding photographer in Berkshire-2“Speeches can be very emotional with tears and laughter. I love capturing frames with emotion. The best man makes a great job here and I love his expression as well as the reaction from the other guests at the top table.”

wedding photographer in Berkshire-33

“Including a night portrait when possible, is a good way to closing the story of the wedding day. This image also provides context of the wedding venue chosen by Sarah and Sean and of the gorgeous weather they had on the day.”
wedding photographer in Berkshire-12

“A candid bridal portrait as the bride is finishing getting ready. This simple and elegant photo is a favourite of mine as it shows the joy and expectation of the day ahead.” wedding photographer in Berkshire-41

“An environmental image helps set the scene and describe the location of the drinks reception. This image was taken as guests were arriving at Leadenhall’s Market for the wedding reception. I included the Route Master as I knew it was important for the couple and it adds to the story”.
wedding photographer in Berkshire-34

“These small moments are important. I like the softness of the image. It is also a reminder for the couple of guests enjoying the bubbles that they put on the table for them to have fun with”.
wedding photographer in Berkshire-13

It was the hottest day in July and the best man and usher cool down after the speeches.  This is a candid capture that also provides a nice view of the environment”.wedding photographer in Berkshire-30

“A reaction shot to speeches. I like the expression as well as the hat worn. It is a genuine expression and also a nice portrait of a guest”.
wedding photographer in Berkshire-21

“Portraits are important during the wedding day. I like to do them quickly so that you can spend time with your guests. I tend to capture candid moments, but I liked this close up shot looking at the camera”.wedding photographer in Berkshire-1-2

This is a favourite candid moment of mine. I saw this shot as I was inside capturing some of the other guests. I waited (and hoped) for the man on the right to move to the right so that I could have a story in each third.”wedding photographer in Berkshire-38

“A candid portrait at a Hindu wedding in Brighton. I will generally pose very lightly and then watch or interact with the couple until a natural moment happens such as this one”.wedding photographer in Berkshire-39

“This is another speech reaction image. I like to alternate shots were I focus on close ups of people to wider shots that include the reactions from many guests and gives an idea of the room”.wedding photographer in Berkshire-35

“Grandpa was really enjoying the card tricks… I love to include a bit of humour too in wedding images”.wedding photographer in Berkshire-37

“A candid portrait of the couple, featuring them, their wedding car and the environment near the village church where they got married”.wedding photographer in Berkshire-23

“Clissold House has a gorgeous set of stairs which I used to frame this lovely couple providing and unusual perspective”.
wedding photographer in Berkshire-40

“Being able to blend in with your guests is key to capture unscripted moments like this. A fun moment shared by the groom and his friends”
wedding photographer in Berkshire-28

“I really don’t remember what was said, but it was an animated conversation. I love the expressions and energy in this frame”wedding photographer in Berkshire-24

“The joy of a bride as she sees for the first time the completed hair and make up on the wedding morning”wedding photographer in Berkshire-36

“An intimate moment between bride and groom shortly after their first dance”. 
wedding photographer in Berkshire-29

“I took advantage of the balcony area at Hedsor House to capture the moment the bride and groom leave the ceremony room as husband and wife. It laos help showcase the amazing venue chosen by the couple and provide a more unusual view point. “wedding photographer in Berkshire-32

“This image makes me smile every time I see it. A contagious smile taken during speeches”wedding photographer in Berkshire-31

“A beautiful expression as Hayley arrives at the church. A real moment with real emotions is more powerful than any posed image”.wedding photographer in Berkshire-16

“Sometimes a religious service is a bit long for a the nephew of the groom. A gorgeous memory for them and a cute moment…”.wedding photographer in Berkshire-15

“A semi-posed moment during a portrait session in Oxfordshire”.wedding photographer in Berkshire-26

“There was a vintage feel to this marquee wedding. I wanted to take a wide shot to include the couple and their guests in the background. When you look closely, you can see the reactions of the guests too..”wedding photographer in Berkshire-27

“Another fun moment, I could not help myself from taking this shot whenI saw it”.wedding photographer in Berkshire-20

A story-telling image. The joy, beauty and elegance of the bride in conjunction with her reaction to the speech of her father.”wedding photographer in Berkshire-25

” The “boys” enjoying a drink before the ceremony.”wedding photographer in Berkshire-8

“The flowers girls playing while waiting for the bride to come down. A subtle approach is needed to capture these subtle moments”.wedding photographer in Berkshire-19

“A gorgeous sunset showcases, in a semi-silhouette, the bride and groom. A lightly posed portrait and a reminder of the gorgeous weather on their wedding day”. 
wedding photographer in Berkshire-18

A first dance close up of the lovely couple. I was careful however to leave enough room in the frame to capture the guests reactions, including the flower girl and the sister of the bride.”wedding photographer in Berkshire-17

“Including the environment is essential to story telling images. The bride and groom got married at the Marriott County Hall and it was important for me to include an image showcasing the surroundings of the venue”.

wedding photographer in Berkshire-4

“I had taken a portrait from the the other side from the beach and as I walked round and came up, the bride and groom were playing as they were waiting for me. I captured this lovely portrait showcasing the Brighton Pavilion”.
wedding photographer in Berkshire-11

“The bride was keen on having a few images showing the back of her dress. This image does that as well as providing a nice portrait of the groom and features the ground of Botley’s Mansion” wedding photographer in Berkshire-10

“Two very animated best men provided a fun image at this wedding at Ardington House in Oxfordshire.”wedding photographer in Berkshire-9

“Confetti (and bubble) shots provide for fun reactions and moments. I love the energy and real joy of the bride and groom here.” 
wedding photographer in Berkshire-14

“This image was taken in Bradford-upon-Avon as we went for a walk to take some candid shots. I love the interaction here and the setting for this image”.wedding photographer in Berkshire-5

This is Boscombe Pier in Bournemouth. I positioned myself in the middle to create a “two side” story for this image as the bridal party walks back from the end of the pier”.wedding photographer in Berkshire-6

“Sometimes it rains at some weddings. Likely the weather turn out glorious a few minutes after this image was taken. Rain allows for some strong images in my opinion and I love this candid portrait. Whatever the weather or circumstances, I am alert in order to create emotive images, captured naturally”.wedding photographer in Berkshire-7

“A tender moment between the bride and her mum, during the groom’s speech”.wedding photographer in Berkshire-3“From the moment I arrived at the venue, I knew that I would use this lovely arch at the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn in London. A carefully placed flash behind the couple allowed me to create this simple yet powerful image”. 

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